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A/B testing, sometime also called as split testing is the process which simultaneously compares the two versions of the web page or the content elements such as- Call-to-Actions, Headlines and Banners to see which one works well. In the process, the page layout which boasts better conversion always wins.

Since every business website wants its visitors to convert into business, performance measurement of the variation or A/B means the exact rate at which it converts the visitors into the goal achievers. At Astu Software Solutions OPC Pvt ltd., we can potentially do a throughout A/B testing for your website or business.

See how our A/B testing and targeting methodology works?

  • Initially, we do a throughout research about your business or product and define your objectives
  • After, we comprehend the engagement behaviour of existing customers over the particular webpage
  • Then, deciding the test strategy that could work better
  • Now it’s time to test execution
  • Monitoring the test results
  • Once the test results evaluated then we declare the test winner
  • Benchmark the test results
  • And then finally run the targeted experiment…

A/B Testing Services for Websites and Landing Pages- Improve your Bottom line by A/B Testing Your Websites & Landing Pages
Why choose Astu Software Solutions OPC Pvt ltd. as your A/B testing consultant?

At Astu Software Solutions OPC Pvt ltd., we employ the standard A/B testing methods, based on the incessant improvement ideas, and initiate it by discovering the goals of the test, segmentation, as well as the audience research, and the assessment of site categorization and the information architecture.

Some of the key points include-

  • Classifying the important pages for the testing having high potential
  • Tag placement and configuring the tools
  • Content creation and hosting
  • Scheduling the control and substituting experiences
  • Running experiments and monitoring results.

With the help of our highly qualified and certified team of digital analytics and optimization specialists, we can furnish your all sorts of requirements. To hire our experts or to know more about A/B testing services, contact us now!

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