A Dialer provides the connection between the internet or a network of computers and an analog telephone. In this era of telemarketing, many business problems have increased, yet there is the urgent and unavoidable need to improve customer care to sell to customers with automated systems to increase personal productivity and most important of all to control costs (one way to do this is to employ fewer live agents to handle routine calls)

Choose what you need

  • Auto Dialling:
    A system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers then plays a pre-recorded message.
  • Click-to-Call:
    It is based on CRM system, integrating a click-to-call feature with your CRM will allow your sales agents to just click on the phone number in your CRM to make an outbound call.
  • Preview Dialer:
    It is also known as screen dialling, cursor dialling, power dialling. Like the click-to-call option, preview dialers also allow agents to review all of the prospect’s information so they can prepare for the conversation before the call.
  • Progressive Dialer:
    The system makes sure that at least one agent is free to take the call hence comparatively less productive
  • Power Dialer:
    This is often a company’s first step into automated dialling. Power dialers will automatically make an outbound call when an agent becomes available
  • Predictive Dialer:
    It is the time factor which gives one technology an edge over the other. With ordinary manual dialling the average productive time per hour is just 15 to 20 minutes, while power dialling gives an average of 23 to 30 minutes.


  • Multi-campaign dialling
  • Improved user interface
  • Blended call dispositions
  • Real-time stats and expanded reporting
  • Other Feature that we can provided
    • Upload CSV lists
    • Schedule call times
    • View service call thresholds.
    • Complete reports on person/voice-mail and duration
    • Route calls based on whether person or voice-mail answered
    • Pause active campaigns
    • User friendly interface of Dialer
    • Ability to create reminders while call prospecting
    • Ability to start the call from any contact instead of from the beginning by selecting the radio button next to the contact row.
    • Ability to skip a specific contact while dialling
    • Ability to send sms message larger than 160 characters.
    • Ability to use email/sms template from contact detail as well as while call prospecting.
    • Ability to create custom list from the main list by filtering with various criteria
    • New functionality added to create and manage SMS and email template with name personalization. The templates can be used in “Call Prospecting Mode” to send personalized SMS or email with pre-created messages.
    • Ability to Pause after each call with Stop and Resume button
    • Ability to run the dialer in auto dial mode
    • Ability to run the dialer in call prospecting mode to update contact, set reminder, add notes immediately after the call before resuming to the next contact.
    • Manage Custom List including deleting custom list
    • Ability to do bulk update and bulk delete
    • Ability to start dialer from where it left off or from a specific contact
    • Ability to search by first or last name and run the dialer on search result
    • Ability to integrate with IVR, ACD, Voice Logger, CRM etc.


  • No Wasted Calls
  • Easier Lead Management
  • Agent morale
  • Keeping data fresh
  • Increased Sales
  • Municipalities and Local Governments
    1. Municipal services information
    2. Schedule inspections
    3. Pay property tax
    4. Pay traffic violation tickets
    5. Pay for parking meters
    6. Dial-out and reminder services
    7. Employee communications
    8. Schedule interview appointments
    9. Personnel record auditing and tracking
    10. Payroll inquiries
    11. Crisis communications: disasters, closings due to weather.

Application of Dialers

  • Telecasting
  • Telemarketing
  • Voice conferencing
  • Automated phone interviews

Dailer Products

  • Call back
  • Auto call