IVR provides all the features of an auto attendant plus the ability to use input from callers to interact with separate external systems. IVR systems are used to remove the burden from human representatives and get customers the information they need quickly. The examples listed are only a few of the numerous implementations that are possible.


Insight Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that automates interaction with telephone callers. It is powerful software that allows organization to turn their vision of an interactive call flow into reality. It can call your customers and remind them about their bills due, your customers can call and set-up appointments or the system can provide the status of the shipments. All in clear voice and in the language the callers understand. Insight IVR can reduce cost of common sales, service, inquiry, collection and support calls to and from the company. It works 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Overview of IVR

The Insight IVR Application Generator is extremely flexible and powerful tool that allows almost any voice application to be created. IVR is a generic term identifying the interaction of an Automated System with a caller via a telephone keypad. As the name implies, the automated system can provide automated voice responses based on the callers touchstone interaction with the system. With YSS’s IVR application generator module, system users can dynamically create their own call flows based on their own requirements. An IVR solution enables users to retrieve information including product details, bank balances, flight schedules, order status, movie show times, doctors’ appointments, hotel reservations and much more. Data can also be extracted from a database, text file or external application and played over the phone using Text to Speech Functionality or the call flow direction can be set based on the data values. From the time the caller dials an IVR phone number, the prompts and caller interaction is defined by the IVR application.


IVR systems provide customers with many services such as fax on demand, secure access to confidential account information, general information such as phone numbers and working hours, and an easy way to navigate through a complex phone system

    • Improved service
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Reduce cost
    • Efficient collection
    • Efficient information flow
    • More employee satisfaction
    • Reduced staffing requirements
    • Reduced paper environment
    • Expanded customer service hours
    • Improve inefficiencies
    • Decrease customer wait times
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • 24×7 convenient accesses for respondents
    • Multiple language options from English and Spanish to Cantonese
    • Ease-of-administration of complex survey logic such as skip patterns and branching
    • Ability to record caller responses (IVR)
    • Immediate alerts for unfavorable responses via SMS, Email, Fax, and Instant Messaging
    • Reporting options ranging from email to robust on-line dashboards


  • Scalability:
    Meeting current needs is an important goal, but an IVR solution should be easy to modify to support company’s changing needs. Lines should be easily added or removed, additional features should be easily installed, and the IVR system should interoperate with existing equipment to reduce the need for additional interfaces and equipment.
  • Performance:
    IVR systems come in all shapes and sizes. An under-powered IVR can cause customers to become impatient, and it may even drop calls because it cannot handle the volume of incoming traffic. It’s important that an IVR system is able to handle the current number of incoming lines at maximum capacity.
  • Customer satisfaction:
    IVR solutions should be designed with the customer in mind. Menus should be logically designed, and the options should be explained in a way that anyone can understand. Because it’s difficult for callers to remember a long list of menu items, it’s important to keep the number of options to a minimum and include the ability to repeat the choices.
  • Call Bridging:
    1. IVR allows you to transfer callers dynamically to other telephone lines. Callers can be transferred with a blind transfer (unconditionally) or with a supervised transfer (monitor the call status before transferring).
    2. Insight also supports call patching, whereby multiple callers can be connected together into the same conversation.
  • Web Interface (Web Based Reporting):
    1. Generate Hourly, Daily, Monthly or Yearly Graphs on Calls with one click
    2. Extremely User Friendly Interface
    3. Generate Summary Reports / Invoices to send to Customers
    4. View Detailed Summaries & Invoices for Each DID
    5. Set the Date/Time Format you wish to display based on the country.
  • Email Interface:
    The IVR software has the capability of sending emails. However, the IVR administrator must add the e-mails addresses.
  • Unlimited Number of Call Flows:
    1. Insight IVR allows you to create an unlimited number of call flows
    2. IVR Scripts can be triggered based on the Access Number (DID) or Mailbox Number Dialled. So, if you had 50 Access Numbers (DID) into your system, each could trigger a different call flow.
    3. Even if your system has only 24 lines, you can still have thousands of IVR applications
  • Text to Speech:
    1. Text to Speech is an extremely simple feature to use
    2. Simply type any text into a field and Insight IVR will speak the text to the caller.
    3. Eliminates the need to record prompts
    4. Allows for quick, on-the-fly changes to a script
    5. High-quality, Professional Sounding Voice
  • Touch Tone Detection:
    1.The most common method through which Insight communicates with a customers is through Touch Tone. Customers can choose from a list of selections, enter account numbers, enter their security code, etc, all through the numeric keypad on their phones.
    2. Insight allows you to specify the number of digits to expect and the maximum amount of time to wait in between digits to make the call flow as seamless as possible.
  • Database Interaction:
    1. Many IVR applications require database interactivity. Insight provides interaction with multiple databases such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, FoxPro, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Inform-ix, Text Files and many others. It is also ODBC compliant.
    2. Insight IVR can perform all the standard database actions such as Reading, Writing, and
  • The Automated Attendant:
    You’ve called one before; you just may have not realized what it was. It went something like this: “Thank you for calling XYZ (Your organization name). If you know your parties extension, please enter it now or choose one of the following: For Sales, press 1, for Service press 2…” and so on. Your call was then routed call based on the buttons you did or didn’t press.
  • Call Analytic:
    Just the way Google Analytic tells you exactly what’s happening on your website, Astu Software’ Call Analytic tells you what’s happening on your business phone system. You can analyses call patterns, agent productivity, team efficiency and a lot more.
  • Complete Control:
    Have intelligent call flows that will route calls to the right agents based on the logic you set. And building this call flow is as simple as dragging and dropping the right commands.

Optional Technologies

  • Voice Recognition:
    1. IVR Speech Recognition feature makes customer interaction with your system quick, convenient, and simple.
    2. Insight’s Speech Recognition module recognizes words, names, spoken letters, and numbers.
    3. Callers can spell names, order products, enter account numbers and zip codes, all without entering a single touch tone on their phone.
  • Out Dial:
    This tool allows for importing a database of phone numbers into the IVR system. The system will out dial for confirming a delivery time, reminding patients of a doctor’s appointment, notify students of an event, or letting clients know their stock has been traded.
  • Call Back:
    In case your executives are busy on the another call then IVR system inform the caller through a voice massage and request him/her for wait for a call which is automatically dialed by the system when the executives become free.
  • Call Recording:
    All your calls, both incoming and outgoing, are recorded and will be available inside your Extol dashboard. Use these recordings to understand exactly how your business functions over your phone system. Especially for training, these recordings are invaluable.
  • Message Notification:
    Email – Notification is sent to multiple email addresses of your choice. This can include the audio message as a WAV file attachment.
    Text – Notification is sent to multiple Smart phone or text message addresses.. This can include the audio message as a WAV file attachment.
    Voice Call – The mailbox dials a specified telephone number and plays a message asking the owner of the mailbox to enter a pass code for immediate access to messages. This feature can dial up to 5 different numbers and/or pagers at various times and intervals.
  • Voice Messaging:
    1. Insight IVR provides voice messaging capabilities whereby callers can access the IVR system, leave messages, retrieve messages, and review messages.
    2. Each message is individually dated and time stamped and kept in the order they were received.
    3. There is no limit to how long a message can be, and as soon as the message is left, it is available for your IVR application to access.
  • Real-time Notifications for a Miss call:
    Missing a call means missing a potential customer. If you miss a call, we send you an email and/or SMS notifications.
  • CRM Integration:
    You can now access all your call data and call recordings of your customers directly in your CRM. Every time you make a new call or send a new next, you can automatically update it in your CRM using our APIs.