M/V Testing

Multivariate Testing Service (M/V Testing)- “It’s all about an accurate measurement”

With the advancement of web services, you are free to test your multifarious ideas by having the deeper analysis of the fact, what worked perfectly well with the visitors, and what sort of technique brought up the visitors to their targeted area, as well as what actually put them off to take the action.
After these analyses, making changes to single element can drastically increase or decrease the conversion rate of any certain page or its performance. But, now the question is, how would you measure the impact of the changes you made to the pages, especially the fully precise data?

Benefits unfolded by Multivariate Testing Services:

This is where Multi-Variable comes in which allows you to simultaneously test multiple changes that could easily go from five, ten or even 20 as well. With this, you will be able to get precise results, without having to amplifying the size of the sample.

  • Within its comparison to A/B testing, it takes a minimize time
  • One can test many variations at a same time
  • Increases the page effectiveness and conversion rate
  • One can have different versions of content placement, ad placement, images, buttons, headlines and more.
  • Helps to implement the new Ideas and design

M/V testing or Multi-Variable testing is a subdivision of statistics comprising the synchronized examination and analysis of the variable, more than one in counting.
Improve your ROI availing Astu Software Solutions OPC Pvt ltd.’s multivariate testing services

At Astu Software Solutions OPC Pvt ltd., we have the vast expertise in conducting specifically correct multivariate tests that aid you tremendously in optimizing your pages and getting maximum results. The team of experienced folks at ISG is informed with this method. To provide you with the perfect results, we exploit the latest tools including- Google Site Optimizer and the Omniture Test and Target to carry out the defined test.

You can effortlessly classify the impact of every single change that made for the optimization of the page.

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