What We Offer

Commonly referred to as CRO, Conversion Optimization, from a business prospective, is almost everything. No matter how winsome your website is or how dexterous team of personnel you’ve put on work, ultimately what all matters is ‘SALES’ n that’s it! And this is what we all (our clients, we, you, and every freaking-folks over the digital space) are scrambling for. At Astu Software Solutions OPC Pvt ltd. we foster the in-depth insights of your business with our data-led conversion optimization strategies. Our behind-the-scene-masters put all best possible efforts to amplify the ROI of your most imperative digital asset i.e. your website.

Just on the left hand, we discussed about the CRO, and now it’s Landing Page Optimization that plays a vital, please note ‘Vital’ role in boosting the conversion rate of any particular website. Landing page signifies to the page created to display a particular or a most-focused product or service. A wannabe costumer is more likely to take positive action connecting through specifically targeted landing page rather than hovering over a differently strange page that’s inappropriate to what he’s searching for. Wherefore our Landing-page-optimization-specialized team painstakingly explores the each in-and-out of your major targeted landing pages and optimize them to cater the customers what’s they’re exactly seeking for.

Do you want to assay the peerless experiences for every customer across mobile, desktop, web and mobile apps? If so then, let our deep-rooted A/B testing services help you. Our A/B testing services dichotomize the flow of traffic on your website that helps the extant visitors experiencing the distinct webpage content on the A and B version of a page while you audit the actions that visitors are taking to determine the version that outturn the maximum conversion rate. Just as the name suggests, A/B testing does a lot. Version ‘A’ tests a control against a dissimilar version where version ‘B’ assesses, which is the most successful based on the metric you are measuring.

M/V testing or Multivariate Testing is a smarter way for testing a hypothesis in which multiple variables are mutated. The objective of performing multivariate testing is to actuate the best combination of variations of all the possible combinations. In simple context, it helps to find out the winning variation by testing all three variables concurrently that includes the three variations of image and two variations of the headlines. All these are united to create the six versions of the content. With this, you can easily measure the different versions of your web page.

Dashboard management services are basically required when you have to conduct the extensive evaluation of the flows that innate your business procedure. It gives the across-the-board analytics of your service to make it competent to the existing marketing trends. Dashboard management is compatible to the businesses of all shapes and sizes since it gives an intact insight and ingress to all the critical data, metrics, and KPIs. Let’s connect with us now to know what your business needs to reach its sale objectives.

With the number of mobile internet users are ironically increasing, every single business, whosoever has an online presence, now vouch for the mobile application- and this has brewed the critical need of mobile analytics services. Mobile analytics bring you the real time conversion and engagement behavior of your mobile visitors. You can see the minute-to-minute activities of your existing visitors that make it easy to upgrade the mobile application and can build precise targeting strategy according to the needs. Our mobile analytics services also educate you about the right type of measurement framework for the mobile platform.

Tag Management Services from Google or ‘Google Tag Management’ allows the webmasters to quickly and easily update the tags for their mobile apps and website anytime with the fraction of minutes. Besides, from the Google Tag Manager user interface, Google Analytics, Adwords, Floodlight, and third party tags could also be added and updated easily without editing the site code. However, if you are someone not technically brilliant to manage this section, let us do this for you. We will add, update, remove or edit all required tags in your website or mobile application.